Nairobi Punk

Nairobi Punk balances on the edge of the underground’s raw punk scene and Kenya’s fascinating storytelling. The Nairobi Punk collection was born on a trip to Kenya, where the expected scenic safari holiday proved instead to be an introduction to a fascinating new people and new culture.

Surprisingly, the magnificent nature of Kenya is not what inspired Marlene Juhl Jørgensen in the design of her next jewellery collection; rather, it was her encounter with the harsh reality and fascination with a special group of people who visited the country, like herself, but fell in love with the culture and decided to stay. This new generation, who live from day to day, inspired Marlene to develop the Nairobi Punk collection, encapsulating the underground atmosphere and the contrasts that prevail in Nairobi.

Contrasts saturate the collection, launched in autumn 2013. It combines materials such as raw wild boar teeth, shark teeth, gold and diamonds in unique and striking ways.
The look is random and unpretentious, as of a bygone golden age, yet cool and beautiful with carefully crafted details.

Nairobi Punk balances between the classic and the modern – cool elegance with an edge.

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