Sioux City


Sioux City [’su: sɪti] emerges from the clash between the free-spirited Native Americans and the modern white man’s refined lifestyle in the big city.

A casual spring trip to L.A., expecting the glitz and glamour of the urban west coast, turned into a destined meeting with this iconic part of the American History. A random bargain at the renowned flea-market, a horse carved ivory bracelet, spoke to Marlene insistently and as she also realized the coincidence of 2014 being the Year of the Horse, the exchange was fatefully sealed.

The wind of Coachella lead her to the desert and together with her fascination for the annual art event Burning Man, with its ritual bonfire and self-expressing fashion, combined with the cool street style of L.A. the inspiration for the Sioux City jewellery collection began to take form: A legacy of symbols and ritual stories transformed into a modernised tailored to the bone rock-chick look.

A stylized yet sophisticated interpretation of Native American symbols such as the arrow, peaks and horses is the foundation for the collection, which is launced in August 2014. Materials are combined in unexpected ways like white coral, bone or enamel set in gold with a touch of diamonds, expressing the collision of natural materials with elegant sharpness. Engravings with diamonds tell a story of confidence, set against the casual personalized charm necklace of understated luxury.

The look is modern and immaculately sartorial with beautiful crafted details, yet speaks a story of traditional symbols and powerful energy. A tribute to the Siouxs of the City.

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